Tabula Rasa Mosaics Logo Greta Hurst, owner of Tabula Rasa Mosaics, portrays a vision of the natural beauty and chararcter of rural life in and around Baroda, Michigan.  Greta's subjects include pastoral landscapes, vineyards, and the earth itself.  She strives to convey her passion for the basic elements of “terroir”, a sense of place, the soil and weather to depict the agricultural processes and abundance they produce.

In her studio, a converted chicken coop, nestled in the rolling vineyards of Southwest Michigan’s wine country, Greta uses a palette of stained, vitreous, fused and Smalti glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, pebbles, and found objects to create both abstract and representational mosaics. 


 La Vita Bella - 35  Marmelade
La-Vita-E-Bella - 35" X 40"
Antique Window Frame
(See Gallery for Other Examples of Commissioned Pet Portraits)